How to convert EUR to PLN: WISE vs Revolut

WISE vs Revolut: which service to choose for converting euros to Polish zlotys. There are different ways to transfer Euro (EUR) to Polish Zloty (PLN). Some of the most popular online platforms that allow you to do this are the WISE and Revolut platforms. These are two British services that provide different types of financial services. Both are recognized leaders in their sector. So WISE versus Revolut. Let's compare their differences, commission sizes, as well as other strengths and weaknesses.

EUR to PLN: WISE vs Revolut

There are different ways to transfer Euro (EUR) to Polish Zloty (PLN). Some of the most popular online platforms that allow you to do this are the WISE and Revolut platforms. These are two British services that provide different types of financial services. Both are recognized leaders in their sector. So WISE versus Revolut. Let's compare their differences, commission sizes, as well as other strengths and weaknesses.

A little about WISE and Revolut companies

At first glance, both Wise and Revolut seem to offer similar services. However, they are designed for different purposes.


The WISE service is focused on providing cheap international money transfers. The platform positions itself as a fast, simple and modern way of translations for advanced people. Although the company has expanded its range of services over time, most people still use it exclusively for interbank payments in different currencies.

The site also allows you to convert currency, receive payments and make purchases in online stores. Both individuals and legal entities can create an account.

The algorithm for working with the service is quite simple. In order to make a transfer, for example a Wise pln to eur transfer, you will need to transfer money from your card to a Wise account. Then the service exchanges the currency at the average market rate and connects it with transfers going in the opposite direction. After that, the money goes to the recipient's account.

The company was launched in 2011 and was previously called TransferWise. The headquarters are located in the UK. The platform has a reputation for being one of the fastest and cheapest cross-border transfer providers.

TransferWise (WISE) initially focused on people working overseas. The company's goal was to make sure that people could save on commissions and receive salaries in a currency other than the currency of the country in which they live.


Revolut is a whole internet bank. A well-thought-out system with a wide range of financial services: from currency conversion and money transfers to investments, insurance and financial planning. The service offers a range of services for both individuals and businesses. According to the owners, they aim to create the world's first truly global financial super-enterprise.

Revolut was originally designed for travelers and international businesses. The main strength of the service is its multi-currency card, which allows you to quickly and super cheaply exchange currency either in the application or when withdrawing currency from an ATM.

The company was founded in 2015. The main office is located in London.

Let's compare WISE and Revolut according to several criteria.

1. Features of conversion and translation services

Getting these services from WISE is somewhat easier. Let's figure it out:


There are about 60 currencies available in the WISE service. Conversion and translation services require registration.

You can make a transfer in the application or directly on the website. The second option is easier. The site will offer you fields for entering the amount and choosing currencies. The service will immediately calculate the size of the commission, as well as indicate to what date the money will come and how much you will save in comparison with banks. The transfer can be made from your regular card, from a bank account or from a WISE account.


Revolut allows you to convert and send over 30 currencies. Registration is required for currency exchange and money transfer.

There are several ways to transfer EUR to PLN, as well as send money to another account:

  • on the site;
  • in the application (one of the most convenient ways);
  • at an ATM using a Revolut card.

As mentioned above, the Revolut card is one of the company's strongest points. It is multicurrency, and therefore allows you to immediately transfer money from one currency to another with a lower commission.

2. Getting started and opening a personal account

Not everyone can start working with sites:

Country availability

WISE services are available in over 60 countries. Including in Poland and Russia - citizens of these countries can freely open a WISE account. But not everyone can order a WISE card. It is available only to citizens of the EEA countries (including Poland), Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and the United States.

Only citizens of most European countries, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan and the USA can open an account with Revolut. Only residents of the listed countries can receive a Revolut card. The service is not available for Russia.

Opening an account is free.

Beginning of work

To create an account in WISE, you just need to enter your mail. The site also offers to download the application or register via Facebook, Google account and Apple ID. Interfaces are available in Russian, English, Polish and other languages. Country and language can be selected from the bottom menu.

The Revolut platform offers two options: either scan the QR code and get a link to the application for a mobile device, or register on the website by providing your phone number. There is no interface in Russian - only English, Polish and some other languages. Country and language can also be selected from the bottom menu.

Opening an account is free. However, when registering, you will be prompted to choose one of several types of accounts:

  • Standard (Standard). Free. It has a number of functional limitations, but it allows you to transfer money abroad.
  • Plus (Plus). The cost is £ 2.99 per month.
  • Premium. Cost £ 6.99 per month.
  • Metallic (Metal). Available for £ 12.99 per month.

So far, you can make money transfers with a standard free account. However, the company can change the terms at any time.

3. Exchange rate and fees

And here WISE looks a little simpler and more profitable:


One of the main advantages of WISE is low commissions, average for the market. No additional service markup. Currency exchange rates are charged here from 0.24% to 3.69%. The percentage depends on the type of transfer. There are three of them:

  • Simple translation. Transfer by online payment from your account with another bank. If you convert 1000 euros to zlotys, the commission will be 6.28 euros.
  • Translation at a reduced price. Available when transferring from a WISE account. For the transferred 1000 euros, converted into zlotys, the service will take only 5.09 euros for itself.
  • Quick. Allows you to make an expedited transfer from a regular debit or credit card. When transferring 1000 euros in PLN, you will be charged a commission of 9.15 euros.

All payments are small and completely transparent. However, the amount you have to pay depends on the country you are in and the currencies. Fortunately, the site has a convenient calculator that will allow you to find out how much you have to pay for your translation.


From Monday to Friday, Revolut, like WISE, charges a mid-market commission at no extra charge.

However, on weekends, the service applies a margin of 0.5-1.5% to all currencies. Including the euro and Polish zloty.

In addition, for cross-currency transfers within the eurozone, the site charges 0.5% on any amount that exceeds £ 5,000 per month. However, all transfers below this amount will be free. For transfers outside the Eurozone (SEPA), international bank transfer fees may apply. It is not charged by the service itself, but by intermediaries.

So it is recommended to check the currency exchange rate in the app before making any transfers.

4. Ways to send money

Here the conditions are roughly equal:


With Wise, you can send money either from your bank account or from a multi-currency account in the WISE service itself.

In the first case, the use of a credit / debit card, bank transfer or SWIFT is available.

Receiving money can take from a few minutes to several days.


Revolut allows you to send money to another Revolut user as well as to any bank account.

In the first case, you can quickly transfer money directly from the application. It is enough to indicate the recipient's phone number. The transfer will be done instantly.

In the second case, it is necessary to indicate the recipient's details (the corresponding fields will be offered in the service application). The speed of receiving money depends on the specific bank. They usually arrive during the day. Occasionally, the duration can be several days.

Translations are faster in Revolut than in WISE. However, WISE supports more currencies when it comes to international transfers. Polish zloty supports both systems.

To summarize: Pros and cons

WISE wins on many points. It is faster to register here, it is easier to make a translation and there are no such cumbersome conditions as with Revolut. Let's format it more succinctly:

Pros and cons of WISE

  • available in Russia (and in 50+ other countries of the world);
  • mid-market commissions without additional service markup;
  • convenient form for translations on the website;
  • super transparent conditions.
  • limited functionality (only cross-currency account and transfers).

Pros and cons of Revolut

  • wider and more diverse functionality;
  • mid-market commissions without additional service markup;
  • instant replenishment from a bank card.
  • not available in Russia and in many other countries outside of Europe;
  • limited functionality with a free tariff plan;
  • additional commission on weekends;
  • additional commission for transfer amounts exceeding £ 5,000 per month;

What to choose for EUR to PLN: TransferWise or Revolut?

If you are planning to do a one-time translation, it is better to take a closer look at WISE. Usually, using this platform is cheaper if you transfer money to another account or to another person. Especially if the recipient is outside Europe.

If you are a business owner, travel a lot and in the future you need other currency-related banking services, we recommend that you pay attention to Revolut. Especially on their multicurrency card.

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