When do you need to exchange euros for zlotys while traveling?

When do you need to exchange euros for zlotys while traveling?

Tourism in Poland is very popular among travel enthusiasts. The tourist offers of Poland are very diverse and everyone will find something amazing for themselves. It is definitely necessary to see the sights in the cities and outside the city, historical monuments, and masterpieces of nature.

For a comfortable trip, you need to have financial reserves that will allow you to attend excursions, get acquainted with traditional cuisine and buy souvenirs for friends. Therefore, before traveling to Poland, learn all about the zloty currency and ways to exchange it.

Since 1994 the official currency of Poland is the zloty. The situation has not changed even after the country's accession to the European Union. At first, the Polish economy did not meet the requirements of the European Central Bank, and then the Poles decided that it was not yet profitable for them to switch to the euro.

In circulation are:

  • Banknotes in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and coins of 1, 2, 5 zloty;
  • Coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 groszy.

All prices in Poland are indicated in zloty (zl). One zloty is equal to 100 grosz.

The country's economy is quite stable, so there are no sharp exchange rate jumps, and minor fluctuations are considered normal. The exceptions are weekends, holidays and nights when the zloty can sell for up to 20% more.

Where is it more profitable to exchange euros for zlotys

In Poland, foreign exchange operations can be carried out by banks, private exchange offices Kantor (cantors). No documents are required for currency exchange. It is illegal and dangerous to change zloty from private individuals, because fraudsters very often come across in this area.

Most willingly change the euro, since it is the currency of the European Union. Further in popularity are the dollar and other banknotes. Almost any currency can be exchanged in banks, but cantors are usually limited to a few of the most profitable or popular exchange currencies.

See EUR to USD daily exchange rate and information

There are cantors at train stations, in popular tourist spots, shopping centers, as well as in many chain supermarkets. They work from 9-10 hours to 17-18. Kantors are closed on Sundays and public holidays. However, there are those that work around the clock. They raise the exchange rate at night and on weekends, taking advantage of the lack of competition.

Cantors are often attracted by a profitable rate, which is represented by large numbers prominent from afar. However, before the exchange, you always need to clarify: the rate of buying or selling currency is indicated on the advertising board, whether there are restrictions on the amount of exchange. The fact is that some private exchangers are cunning and indicate the sale rate, not the purchase rate, or change small amounts at a less favorable rate.

What currency is better to go to Poland with

If we are talking about a traveler, then he needs to have a small supply of zlotys before entering the country. Polish customs officials may ask for a minimum of PLN 300 per person if the estimated travel time is three days. Bank cards are considered only if an up-to-date bank statement with a wet seal is presented along with them.

Again, if a person travels, and does not live in Poland on a permanent basis, it is profitable to take euro or dollar with him on such a trip only if the tourist receives income in one of these currencies. Otherwise, the double exchange can eat part of the funds. In any case, you should always look at the current rates before traveling and calculate the possible gain or loss on a double exchange.

Another good idea is to get a multi-currency account, and to exchange Euros to Polish Zlotys or US dollars to Polish Zlotys before traveling, whenever the exchange rate is convenient, and to then spend in local currency only while there, without any extra fee.

Best multi-currency cards for local PLN expense:

Bank cards: take or not take

Many travelers are wary of taking large amounts of cash with them and prefer debit or credit cards. It is really convenient and modern, but you need to find out in advance in your bank whether the card will be served abroad. In addition, you need to understand that banking operations in another country entail the loss of a certain amount.

When paying by card in a hotel, shopping center or somewhere else, double currency conversion also occurs. In this case, the bank rate is used, and very often an additional commission is taken for the conversion.

Withdrawing cash from an ATM also entails a double conversion and an additional commission of about 3% (depending on the conditions of the account) for cashing out in another country. Polish ATMs issue zloty and very rarely euros without any problems.

ATM without cash withdrawal fees in Poland: PEKAO and Santander

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It is also worth mentioning that at the legislative level in Poland, the circulation of currencies other than national is prohibited. You can find price tags in euros, but you still have to pay in zlotys. Only in some places can the euro be accepted, but this is rather an exception to the rule.


If you urgently need a certain amount in Poland, your relatives or friends will be able to transfer euros or dollars. There are several options for how you can make such a transfer to Poland from another country. This can be an interbank transfer, using a specialized system that does not require a bank account, or through electronic payments.

The last two options are considered to be the simplest. The speed of money delivery is from a few minutes to one day. If the translation will be carried out using international systems, then detailed information can be found on the official websites of these companies.

To transfer money using electronic payment systems, the recipient must have a wallet in this amount. You can even make such transfers from your mobile phone.

It should be borne in mind that in all transfer options there are one-time or daily limits on the transfer amount. You can also clarify more detailed information on this on the official Internet resource.

Financial institutions in Poland

Now it is important that the service at the bank is comfortable. There are two main convenience parameters:

  1. The ability to open an account for a foreigner;
  2. Availability of Internet banking.

Almost all Polish banks provide Internet banking services and work with foreigners. Only the conditions for opening accounts and cards differ.

It should be understood that the concepts of an account and a card are separated in Polish financial institutions.

For example, if you need to transfer money, then you need to indicate the account number. And the card is just a way to access the account. There can be several cards for one account or one for several accounts.

How To Pay With Transfer (Przelew) In Poland Without A Polish Account?

All banks in Poland have offices in Warsaw. Their branches were also opened in other cities of the country. The following financial institutions operate in Poland:

Banks offer more attractive conditions inside Poland, while abroad there are less favorable tariffs.

Summing up, we can say that today zlotys and pennies are circulating in Poland, it will not work to pay in another currency.

A more favorable exchange rate is offered by cantors, which are available at every train station and in places of a large concentration of tourists.

In exchange offices, you can convert the most popular currencies: euros and dollars. Other banknotes can only be exchanged at banks.

When paying with a bank card, an additional commission may be charged, the currency is converted at the bank rate. Therefore, you can exchange euros for zlotys both before the start of the trip and during it. The main thing is to remember that no more than 10 thousand euros per person can be imported into Poland on a card, otherwise you will have to fill out a declaration.

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