EUR to PLN: Best Polish Business Bank Account

Opening the best bank account for business or personal purposes is offered at ING Śląski, Santander, Pekao, Credit Agricole, Millennium banks. Institutions open accounts in PLN, EUR, USD. Online banking, cashback.

Financial institutions of the Republic of Poland offer the opportunity to open the best bank account for business and private use in EUR, PLN, USD. There is a variety of offers with different account options. There is a cashback, referral program. The list of the most reliable banks includes: ING Śląski, Santander, Pekao, Credit Agricole, Millennium. The longer a financial institution has been on the market, the higher the degree of trust. Choose trusted business partners!

The best bank account for business: a list of banks, selection criteria

A bank is a financial institution that attracts free funds, provides lending services and conducts operations with banknotes and securities. The bank acts as a financial and credit intermediary between those who have free money and those who need this money.

Today there is a large selection of banks, but in order to choose the best polish banks, you need to study a lot of nuances.

Opening a bank account in Poland is offered for both businesses and individuals. The Republic of Poland offers a large number of banks where you can open an account on the most favorable terms. Each financial institution has several packages of offers, among which the best offers are available both for foreigners working in the country and for individual companies.

Deciding on the financial institution that offers the best bank account for a business or individual can be difficult at times. The abundance of choice makes you weigh well the pros and cons, so as not to be mistaken with the organization. Experts recommend paying attention to the following indicators:

  • the age of the bank;
  • ramified infrastructure;
  • owners.

The older the bank, the better. A solid age guarantees reliability and confidence in the future. Young banks are perceived by clients rather skeptically, because there is no guarantee of the security of the transaction. The older the institution, the less likely it is to go bankrupt or even fraudulent.

The second important point is the ramification of the infrastructure. Experts unanimously say that the more ATMs and branches, the better. Firstly, it is convenient, and secondly, it is a guarantee of the physical existence of the bank, and not only on paper, where the legal address is indicated. It is also recommended to pay attention to the possibility of replenishing the account via ATM.

The last point affecting the choice of institution is the owners. Official papers must indicate specific names, bank license, year of issue. Today, it is common for banks to unite and create collaborations to survive in a highly competitive environment, but if the owner is a large international organization, then the credibility of the institution increases many times over. A big name ensures a steady stream of new customers.

Reliability rating as a significant indicator of choosing a bank

A little-known bank is of no interest to anyone. Users want the institution to be popular, to have applications, online banking, motivating packages of offers, etc. And if an individual agrees to become a client for low monthly account maintenance, then this indicator is not enough for a business. Reliability is the main criterion for choosing a bank for long-term cooperation. Below is a list of banks that are considered the most reliable and financially attractive:

Among the abundance of financial institutions, these organizations have earned the trust of both businesses and private users. Banks provide an opportunity to open an account for local residents and foreigners who work abroad. Also, foreign citizens who go shopping or conduct business on the territory of the Republic of Poland can open an account.

Euro vs. zloty: in what currency to open an account?

You can open an account in a Polish bank in the national currency (zloty), dollars, euros or other monetary unit. The most popular types of currencies are zloty and euro. Private users who pay by card in shops prefer an account in PLN. The same goes for citizens who work abroad. When you receive your salary in the national Polish currency, you can immediately pay for goods and services without resorting to the help of exchangers.

Note! If you use the popular services TransferGo and PaySend, then there is no need for a preliminary exchange of funds, for example, from zlotys to rubles. Just enter the required amount (in zlotys) in the appropriate field, and indicate rubles in the recipient column. The system will automatically exchange funds (zl to euros or EUR to PLN) at the current exchange rate.

If we talk about the best bank accounts (in euros) for foreigners, then the key benefits include:

  • High withdrawal limits.
  • No commission for maintaining the account.
  • Availability of Internet banking, referral and motivational programs.
  • The ability to have several cards linked to one account.

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Talking about limits, small banks are limited to around 2,000 euros per day (for withdrawals / transfers). Large financial institutions have a higher limit rate - around 5,000 euros per day. The absence of a commission for maintaining an account is a favorable condition for a private user. To prevent the bank from charging a commission, you need to carry out monetary transactions for a certain amount (or spend the n-th amount in a supermarket).

but on the other hand

This condition is both a plus and a minus. The fact is that many banks indicate a specific store or supermarket where you need to buy goods for a certain amount. For example, 300 zl per month in Biedronka. This condition does not apply to Lidl, Auchan, Carrefour, Aldi and other supermarkets.

For business: when the capital is in PLN

As statistics show, many large business organizations prefer to open accounts in euros, while small individual companies prefer accounts in the national currency - zloty.

Opening an account in PLN has a number of undeniable advantages:
  • The convenience of conducting financial transactions within the country is provided.
  • There is no need to convert funds.
  • Money comes in quickly.
  • There are no fees for exchanging funds.
  • Financial stability is ensured.

A PLN account is ideal for businesses that develop domestically. To conduct financial transactions, you do not need to exchange funds that can be double convertible (depending on the recipient country). If a business, especially individual companies, is developing steadily and does not plan to enter the international market, then a zloty account is an economically rational decision.

The stick has two ends

As for the disadvantages, the PLN account is ideal for conducting monetary transactions within the country. Low commission or its complete absence, fast terms of crediting and the ability to deposit funds to several accounts at once are important advantages. But they are available exclusively on the territory of the Republic. If an entrepreneur wishes to gain international experience, it is recommended to open an account in dollars or euros.

A little about the nuances

When opening an account, attention should be paid to commissions. Its size will be different for owners of dollar and konto in zlotys. Some banks, eg Santander, offer a first year service without commission. Further, the commission is about 6 zl per month. Bank Pekao offers a lower rate - about 5 zl.

Attention should be paid to such a factor as the collection of money for service and bills and cards. An example would be PKO Bank. This financial institution may charge a service fee for both accounts and cards. This means that the monthly commission will be 14 zl. The rate is high as for a Polish bank.

Note! Commission availability and size depend on the type of account chosen, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. There are several account options. Before making a final decision, a specialist will advise in detail on each type.

Summing up

The Republic of Poland provides an opportunity to open an account for businesses and individuals in zloty and international currency (dollars, euros) on the most mutually beneficial terms. Each bank has several packages of proposals, which allows you to reach the maximum audience: both in a private and in a business environment. We offer attractive offers for individuals wishing to open an account in dollars or euros, and for businesses (individual companies) wishing to do business in zlotys.

The best personal and business accounts are provided by banks such as Pekao, Santander, Credit Agricole, PKO Bank, ING Bank Śląski. These financial institutions offer a well-thought-out bonus system, cashback, the ability to open an account remotely (without visiting the office). A variety of account types allows you to choose the most optimal option for everyone - both for an individual and for a business company.

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